Request Processor – This component is only active in Leader Node and is responsible for processing write requests originating from client or follower nodes. Once request processor processes the write request, it broadcasts the changes to follower nodes so that they can update their state accordingly.

Atomic Broadcast –This component is present in both Leader Node and Follower Nodes. This component is responsible for broadcasting the changes to other nodes (in Leader Node) as well as receiving the change notification (in Follower Nodes).

In-memory Database (Replicated Database) – This in-memory and replicated database is responsible for storing the data in ZooKeeper. Every node contains its own database that enables them to server read requests. In addition to this, data is also written to file system providing recoverability in case of any problems with cluster. In case of write requests, in-memory database is updated only after it has successfully been written to file system.


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