There are two types of nodes are available on zookeeper. 1. Leader node and 2. Follower node

Leader Node – Leader Node is the only node responsible for processing the write requests. All other nodes called followers simply delegate the client write calls to Leader node.We don’t mark any node as leader while setting up Apache ZooKeeper cluster. It instead is elected internally among all the nodes of cluster. Apache ZooKeeper uses the concept of majority for same i.e. Node that gets highest number of votes is elected as Leader.



It is recommended to have odd number of nodes in a cluster for best failover and availability.

E.g. if we create the cluster of four nodes and two nodes go offline for some reason. Apache ZooKeeper will be down as half of the nodes have gone offline as it is not possible to gain majority for Leader node election. However if we create the cluster of five nodes, even if two nodes go offline, Apache ZooKeeper will still be functional as we still have majority of nodes in service.

Follower Nodes – All nodes other than Leader are called Follower Nodes. A follower node is capable of servicing read requests on its own. For write requests, it gets it done through Leader Node. Followers also play an important role of electing a new leader if existing leader node goes down.



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