Here we see what is a Distributed System and what are the key features and key goals.

To speak in general terms: multiple computer systems working on a single problem

In Engineering terms: A distributed system is a network that consists of independent computers that are connected using a distribution middleware.



The key features of a distributed system are:

Components in the system are concurrent. It allows resource sharing, including software by systems connected to the network at the same time. The components could be multiple but will generally be autonomous in nature. The systems can be spread across different geographies. Compared to other network models, there is greater fault tolerance in a distributed model. Price/performance ratio is much better.

The key goals of a distributed system include:

Transparency: Hides the complexity of the system and shows itself as a single entity / application.

Reliability: Compared to a single system, a distributed system should be highly capable of being secure, consistent and have a high capability of masking errors.

Performance: Compared to other models, distributed models are expected to give a much-wanted boost to performance.

Scalability: Distributed systems should be scalable with respect to geography, administration or size.

Challenges for the distributed system include:

Security is a big challenge in a distributed environment, especially when using public networks.

Fault tolerance could be tough when the distributed model is built based on unreliable components.

Coordination and resource sharing can be difficult if proper protocols or policies are not in place.



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