Popular Applications and Companies using Apache Zookeeper

Some of the better known applications and organizations using ZooKeeper:

  • Apache HBase, a Hadoop database uses ZooKeeper for leader election, bootstrapping, server lease management and coordination between servers.
  • Apache Solrcloudedition v1.5 uses ZooKeeper for leader election, configuration and other services.
  • Yahoo! uses ZooKeeper for leader election, configuration management, sharding, locking, group membership, etc…
  • Katta, a scalable, failure tolerant, distributed, data storage for real time access uses ZooKeeper for node,  master and index management in the grid.
  • Eclipse Communication Framework,a framework for building distributed servers, applications, and tools uses ZooKeeper for its abstract discovery services.
  • Deepdyve, online article rental service uses ZooKeeper to manage server state, control index deployment and other tasks.
  • AdtroitLogic’s UltraESB,a enterprise service bus that uses ZooKeeper to implement it’s clustering support and the automated round-robin-restart of the complete cluster.



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