hi everyone welcome to my channel I thought I would give you all an overview of what you can expect from my channel so I usually post tutorials every week either it can be on Saturday or Sunday so if you see on my channel that is tutorial you will find plenty of you know tutorials on various topics if you are a front-end developer you can find JavaScript PHP WordPress bootstrap tutorials if you are looking for trending technologies like Apache Kafka spark storm big data and also zookeeper you can find everything here and also if you are a Java developer you are more than welcome to this channel so you will find all kind of tutorials here and also Python Ruby scripting languages so the main intention are the main am of my channel is to create a community where we developers can communicate with each other and we can fix our problems so we don’t have to deal with you know trouble so we here we can just fix the problem in fun way okay and please guys if you have any questions please comment or you can just go to about section and you can send me an email get any questions if you are facing some problems you can just send me an email and also please don’t forget to click on the subscribe button so that we communicate whenever you know if you have some issues with our technical stuff and also please take this bell icon so that you will receive all the notifications whenever I upload some tutorials guys consider the fact that I learn these tutorials by paying so much money okay for each tutorials or you have to go through so many books so actually that is not the you know easiest way if you really want to learn only one technology and you want to spend a 1-week then definitely guys books and the official page is the best option but if you want to learn something in a day or in one hour then this is the best option trust me this will be helpful for you thank you everyone


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Apache Zookeeper Tutorial

Apache Kafka Tutorial

Apache Kafka Security

Elasticserarch n Kibana

Java 8 Tutorial

Log4J Tutorial

Apache Storm Tutorial

SQLite Tutorial

Apache Ant Tutorial

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