in this lecture we will see the Apache storm use cases so Apache storm is very famous for real-time big data stream processing for this reason most of the companies which you can see here are using storm as an integral part of their system and out of this I am going to explain few companies which are using Apache storm Twitter is one among them Twitter is using Apache stone for its a range of publisher analytic products publisher analytics products process each and every tweet and click in the Twitter platform Apache storm is deeply integrated with Twitter infrastructure if you see there the exact values are you can see in the slide they are using 200 nodes and 32 posts over are 50 billion messages all day it is huge and still the latency is less than 15 milliseconds it is really too good and the next one is Navi site Navi site is using Apache stone for even clock monitoring and auditing system every love’s generated in the system will go through the storm and storm will check the message against the the configured set of regular expressions and if there is a match then that particular message will be saved in the database and you can also see Yahoo Spotify so most of the companies are using Apache stone firm real-time processing


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