so in this lecture I am going to explain Apache storm basic concept in Apache stone are in this tutorial you are going to listen a few terms like tuples streams spouts bolts so these are the building blocks of Apache stone if you can see the storm topology it will be clear first we will see what is tuples tupple is nothing but it is a main data structure in storm and it is a list of ordered elements by default it tuples supports all data types generally it is model as a set of comma separated values and pass to the storm cluster and next streams stream C is nothing but in another sequence of tuples so tuples meets the list of other elements and streams are nothing but an ordered sequence of tuples and spouts are nothing but the source of stream generally storm accepts input data from raw data sources like in previously I mentioned Twitter streaming API our Apache Kafka q and etcetera otherwise we can write spouts to read data from basic data sources and bolts bolts are nothing but a logical processing units and once spouts will send the data to the bolts and bolts will process and produce a new output streams bowls can perform the operations of filtering aggregation joining and also interacting with the data sources and databases bolt receives the data and emits to one or more bolts and it will use eye bolt interface we will see that in the future lectures


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