this is Raghu from tutorial drive calm and welcome to PHP video series so now we created a PHP folder let’s open that folder in any of your favorite text editor so in my case I’m using sublime text so I open this PHP folder in sublime text now if you see I don’t have any files so let’s create a new file and let’s save it with named index dot PHP so all your PHP files should end with dot PHP okay saved so now you have to follow a syntax by writing PHP code that is less than symbol followed by question mark then PHP so this is the starting pad for the PHP and then you can write anything like hello world and then end it with question mark then eager to than symbol then save it and go to your browser and open localhost so if you open localhost you can see it’s still the old page because our directories are our file is inside PHP folder so call localhost / PHP and then enter as you can also give index dot PHP at the end but in a way it is giving an error okay the reason is in PHP every line should or every statement should end with a semicolon okay now let’s save and reload okay here also still terror so what we will do because we just wrote hello world which doesn’t make since okay so let’s give something like this echo hello world echo is used in PHP to print output see now I can see hello world so if I want to use any HTML code inside PHP then what can I do I can simply type something like and at the end so this is the HTML code I just put inside the double quotes with a keyword echo so I’m saving it and let’s reload our page hello world and this has heading so this is how we can use HTML inside page and not only this syntax we don’t need to use PHP actually we can use something like format so we should see both right so this is the simple example in the next lectures we will see more concepts


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