hi everyone in this lecture we will see the available data types in SQLite so we have different data types like null integer real text block null is nothing but it doesn’t have any value and the value itself null and the data type integer is used to store the values like 1 2 3 etcetera any integer value and the data type real is used to store floating point values in the data type text is used to store any string or words and the pill has special type of data that is a blob which means the data is told exactly the way we provided SQLite supports the concept of type affinity and columns any column can still store any type of data but the preferred storage class for a column is called affinity each table column in a SQLite database is assigned one of the following type affinities text numeric integer real none which means if the affinity is txt this column stores all data using storage class null text our blob numeric this column may contain values using all five storage classes integer and along with the previously mentioned datatypes we also have boolean data type and SQLite doesn’t have a separate boolean storage class instead of that boolean values are stored as integers 0 & 1 date and time data type SQLite doesn’t provide a separate storage class for storing dates and times but SQLite is a capable of storing dates and times in the form of text real or integer values for example we can store the data in text by using the format something like why why why that is the year followed by month followed by date


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