hi everyone in this lecture we will see how to insert a new record into the table so we will see what are the available tables in our database so we don’t have any table so before that let me quit ok and ok let me tell it all the available files here so we can create a new database to create new database use sqlite three and followed by database name and that is my project dot T ok if you use database ok i have my project dot DB let’s create a new table that is student table we can create a new table by using create table and the table lamp that is student followed by parentheses and inside parentheses if we can give the rose at the field names that is ID followed by the datatype will be the data type of heidi’s int and followed by primary key it is necessary to select at least one primary key and also not null which means the ID should not be annul and also new field name the data type text and it should not be none followed by h h can be integer and it can be done so we create a simple table and we can see all the available tables by using dot table commander so if you see I have only one table that is student so now that we have a table we will try to add some data into the table and we will try to insert few records into the table we can do that by using the command insert so insert into the table lamp that is student followed by the fields are the rows that is ID common name common edge and followed by values a value should be ID and name is raghu ages 30 and we should n every statement with semicolon it is saying no such column Raghu ok which means here name is of type text so we should include the text in single quotes if you see we already inserted one row you will try to insert few more records the name in google so by using this we can insert the records so if you want to see what are the fields available in the table you can use the command select star have these wreckers along it selecting the complete table we can also choose specific fees like select name comma h from table student so it will display only the name and the age and we can also do something like student and we can use the command where ID equals to 1 1 1 which means select name it is a ragu Apple Google comma h 30 35 55 where ID equals to 1 11 that is this row that will go 30 so we got the output and as I mentioned in the beginning length lectures we will try to format the output by using header okay our time down the header and also mode that is column if I’ll execute the same command select star from student okay if you see the output previously we got doubt put followed by the pipe symbol now if you see we got a good header that is name ID and H followed by the data so in the next lecture we will see the basic SQLite operations thank you


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