hi everyone in this lecture we will see how to install SQL light on Mac machine the all the latest versions of Mac comes with free installation of SQLite but if you don’t have SQLite then you can go to SQLite dot-org followed by download dot HTML if you go here are the latest SQL versions are available here so based on your operating system you can choose if you have a Linux machine then you can download that zip file for Mac OS also you can download SQLite tools this dot zip files and if you want to download SQLite and windows remember you have to install SQLite DLL based on how many bits your computer is you can go with a Windows 32 or Windows 64 so you have to install one of these or you have to download one of this file along with that SQLite tools so remember one of these two files and SQLite tools so once you are done with the downloading part in case of Windows go to the Downloads folder and you can unzip and after that you can set the local variable I will explain you everything in the separate lecture but for now remember you have to download these two files so as I mentioned for Mac users till OS comes with SQLite automatically so we don’t have to install anything but even if you want to install it is pretty straightforward you can go to SQLite dark slash download HTML and here you can download precompiled binaries for Mac OS so here you can download this one and once you are you are done with downloading and then you can extract the zip file by using unzip so then you can start using that and you can install SQL 8 by using the comment make install and any time if you have any questions with the installation process you can raise a question or you can ping me directly to check whether you have SQLite or not then you can type this comment is queue light Lee so if you see here SQLite version 3.8 dot 10.2 this available on my Mac in the next lecture we will see the few comments of SQLite thank you


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