okay in the previous lecture we saw what is digging statement along with the bigness statement we also have another statement that is n statement so I think almost I think you might understand what is N statement by now so let’s let’s see an example let me copy the same begin example a row be asked and example that a ruby so if you open that our in example or ruby so we just have one put statement printing this is my sample code and the next one is we have one degree statement it will print I am inside begin statement and we are we already saw the output it will print I am inside begin statement first and then it will print this is my sample called reality service let’s run once again by using a ruby followed by a file in and movie so this is expected now we will modify the file that is we will add the in statement okay let me add in the statement at the beginning itself so that we have to use end keyword followed by the curly braces inside curly braces you write whatever the core you want right so here also to the good practice to indent our code so let me write home inside and stay okay so for now if you just forget about end and begin statement our output should be first it should print end statement and then it should print sample code and finally it should print the begin statement but if you see the output so I’m executing my file and example okay so it is printing biggin statement at the beginning and this is the normal code and the at the end it is printing and state mega so what does it mean so whenever our ruby file starts Ruby checks for a big in statement if it will find big in statement then it will start the execution from there if not it will go with the normal process and similarly if it come across any statement with a keyword end then it will execute that particular block finally you know independent of where is the location whether it is whether the interstate wilt is you know it at the beginning or at the end doesn’t it doesn’t you know care just it will execute the end statement at last


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