hi everyone in this lecture we will see the identifier of Ruby so before going through the identifier just remember that these identifiers are case sensitive case sensitive is nothing but so ABC which is not equals ABC so it is exactly like our password if you give your password ice small ABC if you enter capital ABC definitely it will give incorrect password so that behavior is called case sensitive so okay so in case of Ruby only the Alpha numericals and the underscore only these are the identifiers we are not allowed to use anything so if you want to use any identifier you should use only a to z and also in the score other than that we can’t use anything else and along with this a ruby has few reserved words are in if you want I mean to to explain in general term they’re also like keywords so in case of Ruby their college reserved words for example this a few example in previously I explain a code so i am going to expand that once again so let me open our IRB so here let me define sample function so inside this let me print something this is my sample function and after this let me end the function okay so i got and it’s like sample is created so let’s execute the sample so again I got this is my sample function so here if you if we see I used def means this reserved word is used to create a function and the next one is I use puts puts this nothing but print the output and the next one is end so we will use end you know to close any functions or if else statements or any Lopes so in such situations we would use n so along with that we have many you know reserved our keywords when it comes to roby for example consider if else and also if you take beginning and and also you know and so many when case so etc so we have many reserved words so in coming lectures that we will see what are those and what is the you know significance of those that reserved words


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