in this lecture we will see a sample program of how to use Ruby so so I’m inside my Ruby folder this is a sample directory which i created so I do not have any files here so to create a ruby file make sure that you have you add an extension dot RB so for example so let me create a file sample and but make sure to add dot RB ok so here just I will write a simple code that is put this is my sample code so and I am saving it by using escape color WQ ok so to execute that file ok before that I listed my files by using LS command I have sample dot RB to execute that file we can do a row be followed by sample dot RB so we can see this is my sample code sometimes you may you may not get this result you may get errors so if that is the case try doing this along with this code make sure to add the path here that is hash exclamation followed by user bin and then a ruby so this user bin ruby is nothing but your installation directory so where did you install your Ruby so give that path so if you check user followed by pin and then followed by a row B so if you see my Ruby is installed in this path so once you give this make sure to save this and then try doing a row B sample dot RB enter so we will get the same output


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