hi everyone so Ruby provides an interactive Ruby this is nothing but a separate shell where we can do all the Ruby commands so let us see if you want to open the interactive Ruby just type IRB it means interactive Ruby then you will get a new shell here you can do commands like puts hello world etc and we can do some mathematical operations and we can also define some function very let me define test function and inside this text function let me print out something this is a test functions and every function we should end with the keyword end ok if you see the test function is created if you want to execute this function just type test here so we can see the output this is a test function so this is how we can we can work on the interactive Ruby so we can do all the basic operators and we can also check some conditions like if our weekend we can do some operators like one equal to one so it will give you true a1 equal to zero you can do pretty much everything 20 modulus 2 will be 0 so this is how we can use I RV for now don’t worry about I mean what do and what does it mean by puts and what is equal equals and percentage symbol so don’t worry about that just this tutorial I just want to are in this lecture I just want to give an idea on how interactive Ruby will work so in the legs next lecture we will see more about a ruby thank you


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