Before starting and working with Ruby we need to install Ruby software so we will explain how to Setup a Ruby Environment in this post.

Go to this link

Here you can find the documentation and follow those instructions.

If you are using Windows then go to Ruby installer and from here you can install and run a Ruby so it is very simple.

Once you install ruby, you will get .exe file. you just have to execute it.

If you are using Mac then it is also straightforward, if you use any packages like yum apt-get etc so and everything is listed here so you can use yum install Ruby directly.

Also you can use pac-man and brew etc

so I you I used to brew if you already installed brew then you just have to use brew install Ruby so this brew and yum all these are the you know open-source package installs so if you install this one then anytime you can install any software with less effort so on my Mac I was enabled to show because I was you know I got the Ruby by a by default along with my OS so I could show because I don’t want to with my system file so once you download Ruby then make sure that it is installed you can do that if you simply type Ruby it may not give anything so you can type Ruby – – help ah you can do other thing – v4 version so it will give you what version of Ruby is running on your machine so that is that Ruby 2.3 so make sure that the latest version is running so even if you get this help menu it means Ruby is already installed on that that’s that’s fine even if you don’t want to install the Ruby on your local machine you will have so many online readers I will listen in in any of the resources or you check the system I mean check the next lecture maybe I will add all the available online IDs so that you can practice easily and once you install or download the Ruby so make sure to set the path variable the setting path variable is very easy just use the command export and then path so then you can use a dollar path so along with that you make sure to give your I mean the path where you install your Ruby so in my case by default the Ruby will go to user – and Ruby followed by Bill so make sure to give this bin path so so that you can so whenever you type Ruby – me it will give the options otherwise your system don’t know what is Ruby until you set the system part so I think this lecture is clear and installation are setting up the local environment if you have any questions please text message me you can comment on the review so that I can help you with manual installation so in the next lecture we will see how to use Ruby thank you everyone


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