hi everyone in this lecture we will see the important features of Yahoo pulser Yahoo pulse it is horizontally scalable we can add any number of nodes based upon our requirement which will increase the scalability so that we can process more number of messages certain cases about priorities to get the messages in a particular sequence Yahoo pulser will support sequencing of messages also it also gives low latency and durable storage and Yahoo pulsers support both topic and cue semantics and it also helps to track the cursor position of the consumer which means whenever our subscriber goes down in such scenarios it is required to remember the current cursor position otherwise we will end up by getting duplicate messages or loss of messages and also Yahoo pulser provides rest APA’s by using these rest APA’s we can do so many admin actions and also we can check the statistics of the running cluster or servers and also its support geo replication in the next lecture we will see the our picture of the Yahoo pulser thank you


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