hello everyone welcome to the tutorial the complete Yahoo pulser for beginners first of all what is Yahoo pulser it is a messaging system build on the pub subparallel in this kind of messaging the topic is the key resource to connect producers and consumers a producer can connect to a topic and publish messages a subscriber can subscribe to your topic and resume messages once a subscription has been created all the messages will be retained by the system even if the consumer gets disconnected until a consumer will acknowledge their successful processing in this kind of messaging model the producer is called less publisher and the consumer is called less subscribers for one topic we can have any number of subscribers and the message from a single publisher can be received by many subscribers subscribers subscribe to topics and all messages published clear topic are received by all the subscribers to the topic this type of message protocol is also known as broadcast messaging because all the messages are sent to the topic can be received by all the interested subscribers this is actually it is similar to the radio or television in the next lecture we will see the important features of Yahoo pulser


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