hi this is Raghu from tutorial dr.com welcome to PHP video series so in the previous lecture we saw how can we download example so now once you install the examp so you can see something like example so if you go inside you will have manager so double click this one so this will open the application example occations so I am using seven dot over dot nine so here sometimes when you when you want to open this exam if it ask for the root permissions so you can give the password and if you go to the next tab that is manage servers so here we have MySQL database Pro FTP D Apache web server so by default so you will have everything like stop it will be in stop state you can select MySQL database and you can manually start it and also Apache web server you can start so you can see they are starting and we can also see that the logs while they are you know starting so they are giving my MySQL is started on port number you know 3 3 0 3 something like that we can ignore that so now I can see my Apache web server is up so what I can do we can check by going to localhost yeah you don’t have to give anything we can just give localhost see I can say this page just if I give localhost I can see this page you know what what we will do for one instance you will stop Apache with quite a stopping stopped then let me reload localhost so it is giving Safari cannot connect to server so it means it is working so I’m starting the server again and then we’ll reload so I connected to the Apache server so if you open your directory where you install the example here you will have something called history dogs in this HT dogs have several folders let’s create new folder called PHP inside htdocs’ and go inside PHP so in the next lecture we will see how can we write our first PHP code thank you


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