hi this is Raghu from tutorial dr.com and welcome to PHP video series so in this lecture we will see an example of conditional operators so we have only one conditional operator that is question mark so we will see an example so let’s open our text editor so create a new file so save it as dot PHP let’s say ok so let’s open PHP tag so as I told we have only question mark has conditional operators so what it will do so the the syntax is very simple so just give some condition if the and use the question mark if it is true then you can display something so we will write it as true block if it is false then we can exclude the false block and we can end the statement with semicolon so this is a simple syntax for conditional operators so let’s check or try with an example so similarly like previous examples let’s use a variable X so dollar X is 10 or 20 Y is 30 okay so now use dollar Z so now I want to assign the highest value I assign bigger value to so out of X & Y so whichever is greater I want to assign that value to my Z so I can create a condition like if dollar X is greater than dollar Y if the condition is true so I want to assign the highest value so I can assign dollar X if not I will assign dollar Y it means in both conditions and master I mean the bigger value to Z so if you see it exists greater than Y it means X has the bigger value so I’m assigning this one if this condition is true this block will be executed so that’s why I am assigning X to Z if this condition is false it means Y is bigger so I’m assigning Y to Z or Z so let’s display C value is don’t work it send me calm at the end so let’s open our browser it is not it is conditional okay so we have some error at line eight what is that we not only eight seven and eight you forgot semi columns okay let’s reload the page again yes Z value is 30 because this is the highest value let’s change to 120 and 310 310 because this is the highest well so this how we will use conditional operators and this is very useful we will use this one you know instead of having a big defense room if you want to achieve the same functionality by using if-else loop I’ll tell you what we have to do so we have to great evils loop if X is greater than Y then assign Center equals so here X so tall X and here you have to echo something like will use echo in the end else that values so let me comment this one still we should get the same output 3:10 so yes so both are doing the same work so instead of using these evils you know block so we can just use a simple the conditional operator so that’s what in the beginning I told this is an alternative to if else clock


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