so let’s see what are the main components in log4j the first one is loggers so this is basically like when you’re writing a program and when you have written a class file so in order to capture that logging in the information about that particular class file you will be using something called as loggers so this is the first component loggers which is responsible for capturing the logging information of the class file which you’re working on when you say logger get logger and you will mention the class name of of which you want the logging information so next is appenders as the name itself says that you you would be using it to you know send it or you know write the information at wherever the destination you you would provide as in it is responsible for publishing the logging information to various preferred destinations as it you would say the appendix could be console the file so you would write different offenders for those particular destinations the next component is layouts it is responsible for formatting logging information into different styles we will see in future lectures what are those in details or and we would also be seeing an example where we would go through all of these components


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