hello guys welcome to this lecture today we will see what are advantages as well as disadvantages of logging framework logging is an important component of the software development a well-written login code it offers quick debugging structured storage of an application runtime information and easy maintenance logging does have its drawbacks also it can slow down an application if you have made a log if you have made your login configuration to word Bose it can cause scrolling blindness which you called a scrolling blindness which you don’t have to you know worry too much about it it’s just that if you make it too well beause it would take a lot of time and you know it would slow down your process it would it would cause an effect in the applications workflow also to alleviate these concerns log4j is designed to be reliable fast and extensible since logging is really the main focus of an application the log4j api strives to be simple to understand and to use so in the next lecture we will see how to install log4j and start working with the programs thank you


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