if we talk about the appenders apache log4j provides offender objects which are primarily responsible for printing logging messages to different destinations it could be files sockets and the event logs etc each appender object has different properties the first one would be layout append or uses the layout objects and the conversion pattern associated with them to format the logging information target property it may be a console it could be a file or another item depending on the offender level the level is required to control the filtration of the log messages threshold appender can have a threshold level associated with it depend independent of the logger level the offender ignores any logging messages that have a level lower than the threshold level it is a it is the same as setting the level a parameter which we which we used for setting filter the filter objects can analyze logging information beyond level matching and decide whether logging requests should be handled by a particular offender or ignored so we would see that as well in a sample program when we are working with the program there are many different appended options as as I mentioned it could be file appender it could be console appender it could be a socket so in in a similar fashion there are several options which are available for defenders it could be a sync offender it could be console appender it could be JDBC ed offender it could be socket offender so all of these appenders I would be I would be providing the list so you could go through that


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