everyone in this lecture we will see how can we enable encryption or authentication in Kafka by using SSL so SSL ease into introduce this in security is introduced it in Kafka in 0.9 version but it’s a beta version so we can we can have you know you can find the complete security features in 0.10 version so now to use this encryption or authentication we have to install 0.10 in our compute so we will see that so before that I want to give you some theory about how it will work and what are the steps we need to do so first of all we have to prepare the SSL Certificates so this is the background process before we you know this is the you know pre work so before we install cough kind working with the SSL we have to be ready beta certificates and all those details so we have to follow the mainly the first five steps the sixth step you know the sixth step is optional I will give you an idea exactly what is the sixth step is doing okay so the first one is we have to generate a certificate that is x.509 for each and every Kafka broker if you use a single Kafka broker then one certificate is enough if you use a cluster of Kafka’s servers then you have to create certificate for each Kafka broker and the next one is we have to create a certificate authority that is nothing but C so this CA is nothing but it’s a it is central certificate authority so we have to sign II our each and every certificate with this certificate authority and the next one is yeah so that’s the one they have to sign all the broker certificate with generated C and the fourth one is import the CA and signed certificate to broker key store so which means so if you just you know if you just import a certificate to the proper key store there is no use this is not the value certificate so we need to sign our certificate with the CA then only it is considered as valid one so once we sign our certificate with the CA then we can import that to our broker keystore and the fifth step is we have to import the CA to the client trust own all and broker trust or which means okay fine we we imported our certificate into the keystore Sookie store is nothing but it will represent you our certificates to you know the clients our servers but trust or is something so then any new connection comes to you then it will take their certificate and it will verify with your trust or and based on that it will decide whether to in a you know establish the connection or not so that is the reason we have to import the CA to the trust or for two-way authentication so I will explain about the sixth one maybe in the later lectures so for now just remember the five points


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