hi everyone welcome to this lecture so far we saw the basics of security and you know the theory part so from this lecture we will see how to really generate the certificate and how to use them so the first step is we have to generate the certificate that is a type hex 5:09 for each kafka broker so okay I know I think you haven’t installed the kafka server so but it can be anywhere so so this is my local so in my local actually and inside my Kafka installation directory but you can do it anywhere so go to any of your folder may be it can be desktop or anywhere so they’ll just by using the key tool generate the key store so so key story is nothing but this is the location where it will store all the certificates and the next one is validity so when your certificate will expire so for that we have to use key tool so make sure the key tool this utility is available in your machine if not you have to install so okay let me create the certificate so okay I created a new folder that is security so that is by using mkdir you can create any folder just but I am creating a folder name that is security now I’m inside the security okay so if you see I don’t have any files inside the very security so I will create the certificate now so by using key tool key tool followed by key store and then the file end so we can give anything so I will give server dot e store dot JK’s and we can give some name Elias that is I am giving it as localhost and we have to mention the validity so we’re ready for my certificate is I am giving three six to PI days so preferably give it you know higher value maybe give it ten years or something so then generate key okay that’s it so it is asking all those details it is asking for the keystore password so whatever the password you enter remember so I enter some password okay I forgot that for this one you enter password and neck again entry password so now we have to give our details so based on these details it will create the certificate so what is your first name and last name so we can give it anything so first just I am giving it as test test I mean try to give the genu information but this is just further tutorials sake and giving it as test this organization also I’m giving it as test so mostly I’m giving everything as test this is not recommended guys were just okay so this is the information so if it is correct type s otherwise type know so I don’t want to change any information I give you know all the field first test okay so s okay now it is asking for the key password for localhost so this is the another password okay so we can give it as okay another thing is return if same as keep store passwords yeah I don’t want to give different password I want to give the same password for the alias localhost and the keys tool so this way I’m just entering it which means so whatever the password I entered here that will be applied to the localhost also okay now if you see LS you can see server dot keystore dot J KS so it means we created our key store five


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