Why we have to choose Apache Kafka ?

because Apache Kafka has so many benefits.

I listed few advantages here:

Performance: Apache Kafka has high throughput for both publishing and subscribing messages, it maintains stable performance even many terabytes of messages are stored

Durability: what is durability ? Kafka uses distributed commit log which means messages persists as fast as possible hence it is durable and

Reliability: Kafka is a distributed partitioned & replicated and it will also offer fault tolerance so it follows reliability

Scalability: Kafka messaging systems can scales easily without any downtime


Kafka can be used in many use cases like,

log aggregation: Kafka can be used across an organization to collect logs from multiple services and make them available in a standard format to multiple consumers.

Stream processing: By using Popular frameworks like storm and spark. Reading the data from a topic and process it and write the processed data into a new tab topic.

Metrics: Kafka is often used for operational monitoring data ,this involves aggregating statistics from distributed applications to produce centralized feeds of operational data.

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