Apache Kafka is creating a lot of buzz these days. while LinkedIn there Kafka was founded is the most well known user for Kafka and also there are many companies successfully using this technology so now that the word is out it seems the world wants to know.

What does it do ?

Why does everyone wants to use it ?

How is it is better than the existing solutions ?

Do the benefits justify replacing existing systems and infrastructure ?

In this course we’ll try to answer all those questions we’ll begin by briefly Introducing Kafka and then demonstrate some of Kafka’s unique features by walking through an example scenario. We’ll also cover some additional use cases and compare Kafka to existing solutions.

Kafka is one of those systems that is very simple to describe in a high-level but has an incredible depth of technical details when you dig deeper.

The Kafka documentation does an excellent job of explaining the design and implementation so we will not attempt to explain them all here.

In summary Kafka is a distributed a messaging system that is designed to be fast scalable and durable so why wait let’s dive in and explore our new messaging system which is greasing the wheels of big data today.

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