In this post we will see, what is encryption ? and what is the difference between authentication and authorization ?


Encryption is nothing but encrypting the data which can be only understood by authorized parties so what is encrypting the data which is nothing but simply converting the plain takes data into ciphertext or using some encoding.



Authentication is how one proves that they are who they say.

which means. Example: I am trying to login to my gmail account. There I will provide my email address so which means and claiming that that is my email address so how can Gmail trust me ,so I have to provide my valid password so that it will compare my current password with their database and if it matches then it will authenticate.


Authorization is related to the permissions so authorization always comes next to the authentication. it is a step determines what a user can do I mean what are the permissions he he has so this is the difference between authentication and authorization.

For authorization we can take an example of a root user in Linux box or Linux virtual machine so a root user can create any files modify any files, he can visit any directories but a normal user may not have all the permissions so this is the  a basic overview of in encryption authentication and authorization.

Consider a scenario that is nothing but booking a flight ticket so here we are using all encryption, authentication and authorization.

An Example of Authentication, Authorization and Encryption:




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