hello guys welcome back in this lecture I will be briefing you about the new features in Java 8 as I mentioned earlier some of the major new features were lambda expression which adds functional processing capability to java method references here referencing functions was done by the names instead of invoking them directly and a deep default method along with this implementation was included in the interface some new compiler tools and utilities are added to figure out dependencies next new stream API to facilitate pipeline processing was added an improvised version of daytime API was added in Java 8 then compared to java Celyn some best practices to handle null values properly were added and also last but not the least a JavaScript engine was added which is nothing but a java-based engine to execute JavaScript code so in the next lecture I will be I will be running you through a code snippet where you will see what is a new feature and how is it affecting in Java 8 and then you could make out the difference between Java 7 and Java it so see you in the next lecture


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