hello everyone welcome to this tutorial elasticsearch is an open source distributed highly scalable search engine tool delivered with Java it stores data in a structure optimized for language based searches and it is a whole lot of fun to work with a huge amount of data is produced at any moment in today’s world of information technology like in social media video sharing sites and in medium to large sized companies here we are talking about information our data ocean we call this ocean big data in the world of information technology a significant part of this data is unstructured scattered and insignificant when it is alone for this reason some requirements of this data are at stake such as recording accessing analyzing and processing the data like similar search engines elasticsearch is a tool for dealing with the problems of big data mentioned above today elasticsearch is used for content search data analysis and queries in projects such as Mozilla Foursquare and github in this tutorial I will give you a hands-on introduction to elastic search and give you a glimpse at some of the key concepts which you can see here so let’s dive in and explore elastic search thank you


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