hi guys welcome to the lecture elastic stretch use-cases so here I listed few use cases that elastic stretch could be used for searching product considered you are running an online web store are an e-commerce website so in such scenarios you want your customers to browse all all of your products so in that case we can use elastic search to store your complete product list inventory and provide search and autocomplete suggestions to the users collecting data and analyze so in situations we can use the combination of elastic search logstash and Cabana by using them we can collect aggregate and pass the data by using the data we can analyze based upon our requirement alerting platform so when a particular customer is looking for a product but in that moment he couldn’t find it so in such scenarios we can generate the alerts whenever the product is available so in such scenarios elastic search is useful investigate analyze visualize huge data so to the elastic search we can add another plugin like Cabana it’s a front-end geo a by using that we can visualize the data so it will be helpful for analyzing and investigating what is going on so so this is about the elastic search use cases in the next lecture we will learn some more concepts about elasticsearch thank you


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