hello guys welcome to this tutorial so in this lecture we are going to see a brief introduction about other Java build tools which are available out there today and is not only the build tool for Java after aunt came maven which has standardized how prod Java projects are built and how dependencies which are nothing but external jar files are used in your Java project and how they are managed you specify you usually specify what are the jar files to include and how to manage them that is by giving what exact version or what which are exact jar file today maven has taken a lot of the popularity then aunt used to have later came another build tool called Gradle Gradle was originally intended as a build tool for groovy based projects groovy is an again a programming language that also runs on top of Java Virtual Machine Gradle build scripts are actually groovy scripts Gradle lifts its own life in the groovy community in the beginning but then slowly started to make its way into the Java community Gradle has especially gained traction after Google decided to use Gradle as the standard lately in Android studio for Android projects then make files make files are using building programs and also to manage any project as well they are widely used especially in UNIX or unix-like operating systems so these were some of the few build tools besides Apache ant which are used today so in the next tutorial we’ll see water apache and core concepts thank you


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