hello guys welcome to this lecture so last lecture we have seen we have installed Apache and on our machine and also we had set the environment variables so now today in order to make use of Apache and through ID we have to make sure that we have installed ID on our machine as well so I’ll be using Eclipse here so in order to download latest Eclipse binaries you just have to go to eclipse org eclipse.org so then here you can go to ID Eclipse IDE for Java Enterprise Edition if you click that you will see the latest available edition there so now if you choose here max if you choose here the download links for the machine which you are using you could just go in go into that and then select click on the button download in order to download the latest available Java Enterprise Edition Eclipse so have it downloaded and from the next lecture we will see some hands on how to create Bill dot XML file and what are the various features of Bill dot XML file so see you in the next lecture thank you


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