hello guys welcome to this lecture so today we will see how to install and honor machine in order to install an toner machine we have to download and install JDK on our computer so I hope that you have already installed JDK on your computer if you have not installed then just say JDK installed and depending on the machine which you are using whether it is Mac or Windows you can choose the files related to that and just download the JDK so just go to oracle.com and then you can see here jdk diversions which are available so just click here so I would prefer I would recommend you know to download 88 version 1 1 1 so in order to do that just click on accept license agreement and then depending on whether you’re using Windows machines windows you’ll be choosing this file as well as for the for the Mac you have be using the related file and then have it downloaded once you are done with that then we have to download and so in order to download the binaries of ant you have to go to and dot Apache dot orc so once you land in the home page here you have to just go on the left hand side you can see the download binary distribution source distribution so just click on binary distributions and then click on zip file or tout GZ file depending on the your machine so since I’m using Mac I have have already installed Apache and 1.9 9.7 third row GZ file so just have it downloaded and then we will see how to extract and how to set the environment variables in order to make and accessible through the command line so once you’re done downloading just point to the folder where you have downloaded the Apache and here in the downloads since I have downloaded and it is the file is in downloads I have just extracted and have placed in the same Downloads folder that only you can place anywhere you want but make sure that while adding the path while while appending or when updating the path variable you have to point to the bins if you go here you have you can see the bin folder in order to use it through the command line we have to always make the path variable pointing to the bin folder so what we do is we just right click on this in order to get the path of this bin folder so what you do is just say get info so once you say get info you can just select this entire thing and just copy it so it will be copied to your clipboard then what you have to do is you have to just go to the terminal here and you have to say export part equals dollar part colon and then you’ll add the path which you had just copied on the clipboard like so which is pointing to the Apache and folder now so in order to make it to point to bin folder I’ll just do slash bin so now it is pointing to the my bin folder and I am appending that to my path variable so once it is done you have successfully added the environment variable so next what you will do is to see whether you have successfully added that you you could just say print e NV then even see here my path variable has been appended with the my apache ant bin folder so now if we try to access ant version so if we just type and it says Bill dot XML does not exist because we have not yet created any build dot XML file but later on we will see that but first in order to check whether ant is successfully installed we will just click on ant version to move whether we will get it ok we have got Apache ant version 1.9 dot seven so now that we have successfully installed and on our machine we can and also we have set environment variable we will see how to install eclipse in the next lecture thank you


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