hello guys welcome to this lecture so today we will see what our Apache and core concepts as you can see the core concepts are projects properties targets tasks and will scripts will going into the detail one by one so an ant project usually contains all the information necessary to build some software project using ant an ant project is contained within an ant will script you can say that project is the root it is the root element within ant build script an ant property is a key value pair which you can specify properties typically contain the information used in the build process it could be directory names it could be file names server names or whatever is you may need in your project next and target an ant target typically specifies one step of the build process for the project an ant project contains at least one target but more commonly an ant project contains multiple targets you could specify the whole build process within a single target but typically it is easier to split the build processes up into multiple targets an ant target can be executed individually so if you have multiple different build actions you need to be able to execute independently splitting them up into multiple and targets is the way to go for instance you might want to be able to compile your code without generating Javadoc every time or without running the unit tests etc so splitting Javadoc and unit test execution into their own targets makes it easier to achieve targets next tasks and tasks are build build actions like copying files compiling Java code generating jar files generating Java doc etc and comes with a large set of built-in tasks you can use so you don’t have to code your own tasks but you can if you need to and in play in future lectures you will see how to create your own custom task and how to run in the build scripts so an ant target will typically contain one or more tasks and our ant tasks perform the actual build operations of the ant target they’re listed inside next fill scripts an ant will script contain a single and project and that project may again contain properties and targets the targets may contain several tasks typically there are two ways to get started with Apache and UK you could ease either use Java IDE like eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA or my clips or whatever you have with supports and scripts or you could download and install ant and run and from the command line here in the in our tutorial we will focus on both of them star we will start with coding and you know running the build scripts using command line and then we could move towards the IDs so in the next lecture we will see how to do the installation of ant and how to install eclipse as well thank you


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